Price List

Your treatment is individually tailored to meet your dental needs and circumstances.  This means that treatment plans and time allocation vary from person to person and this is why we will always provide you with a Personal Treatment Plan and quotation.

Salters & Salters Dental uses the following fee guide:

Examination (adult)£51
Examination (child)*£25
X-ray (single radiograph)£15
Panoral X-ray£65
Hygienist Appointment (30 mins/45 mins)£69/£103
Hygienist Appointment (60 mins)£138
Scale & Polish£65
Children’s Hygienist Appointment  (20 mins)£46
Fillings (amalgam)from£120
Fillings (white)from£135
Crown – (Emax/Zirconia)from£755
Re-cement crown/Re-cement veneer£70/150
Porcelain Veneer£795
Root Canal – Incisor£495
Root Canal – Premolar£550
Root Canal – Molar£650
Home Bleaching Kit (subject to consultation)£395
Bridges (per unit)from£650
Michigan Splint£460
Full Acrylic Denturesfrom£950
Chrome Denturesfrom£1495
Partial Acrylic Denturesfrom£420
Implant / Peridontal consultation£175

* Examinations for children up to the age of 18 years are free when appointment is made with a parent’s examination.

We also offer Denplan – a monthly payment plan. For more information please click here