Facial Aesthetics Weybridge

In addition to dental treatment we offer facial aesthetic treatments to enhance your appearance. Treatments are carried out by Dr Jo-Anne Salters who has over 12 years’ experience in the field and she recently achieved a certificate in Aesthetic Medicine from Queen Mary’s University of London.

Wrinkle Smoothing Treatments

Botlinum toxin type A (commonly known as botox) has been used for over 30 years to treat frownlines, crows feet and other wrinkles formed by the contraction of facial muscles. It works by temporarily reducing the contraction of the muscle allowing wrinkles to relax and smooth over time. The effect lasts 3-5 months. Dr Salters has extensive experience in these treatments and aims to achieve very natural looking results. The effect is to refresh and rejuvenate the face to give a more relaxed and rested appearance.

Hyperhydrosis Treatments

Dr Salters is also experienced in using botulinum toxin for Hyperhydrosis treatment. Hyperhydrosis is the medical name for excessive sweating which affects up to 1% of the population. Botulinum toxin injections are given to act on the underarm sweat glands to dramatically reduce the amount sweat produced. This can be a life changing treatment for individuals who suffer the embarrassment of excessive sweating in work or social situations. Results can last up to a year from a single treatment.

Dermal Fillers

Dr Salters uses premium injectable hyaluronic acid fillers such as the Vycross Juvederm range and Merz Belotero range to fill lines and restore lost volume to the face. These products are extensively used and tested and achieve excellent natural looking results. Hyaluronic fillers are not permanent and are fully reversible if desired. Results last from 6-18 months depending on the amount placed and the area treated.

Lip treatments can enhance and complement a beautiful smile following cosmetic dental treatments.

Skin Peels

The Medical Grade Skin peels available at Salters & Salters rejuvenate the skin by removing the outer layers of dead skin cells to restore freshness and glow to the skin. Treatment can be a “one-off’ for that special occasion or a course of peel treatments to build collagen in the skin and improve and even- out skin tone. Advice on skincare and treatment of problem skin with ZO and Neostrata medical skincare products is available also.

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