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Post Intravenous Sedation Instructions

DO NOT DRIVE or cycle for 24 hours following a sedation appointment. This is a legal requirement. Your insurance will be null and void if you have an accident and the police can now test roadside for drug use, the sedative used will be detectable .( Pilots and train drivers must notify their employers that they are having a sedation and adhere to the company rules )

DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL for 24 hours post operatively.

DO NOT WORK for 8 hours after the sedation appointment even at home. The sedative effects your judgement and memory.

DO NOT operate machinery that may cause an injury to yourself for 4 hours.

Go home immediately and REST for the first 4 hours. Please take the rest of the day easy.

Prior to discharge your vital signs will have been monitored and recorded, you will have been assessed as suitable to continue to recover at home. You will be discharged on the understanding that you will rest.

Each surgeon has their own specific post-operative surgical instructions.

Generally, you will need to be very careful and do as little as possible e.g. no eating or drinking for the first 2 hours on returning home.

If you are very hungry then I recommend you gently eat a cold yoghurt or smoothie preferably wait for 2 hours.

Once the numbness has worm off it is safer to eat and drink, avoid hot food and hot drinks, ensuring you take small sips only.

Please ensure you have appropriate pain relief ready to take at home your dental surgeon will advise you.